The Marvel Cinematic Universe boasts huge numbers in terms of ticket sales and positive reviews. The roster of superheroes (and mediocre villains) continues to swell with each passing year. While most of the movies have hidden their formulaic plots behind amazing visuals and belly laughs, the stories have been fairly grounded. Even with THOR and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY venturing into the cosmos, there hasn’t been a sense of a massive universe. Beyond Asgard and Jotunheim, or Xandar and Knowhere, we haven’t seen much. 

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOLUME 2 has received rave reviews and is proving to be perhaps the ultimate popcorn movie. Detractors of the film groan and grumble about the sometimes forced humor – to which I somewhat agree. But whether or not you loved the film (I did) or hated it, one thing is certain: it opened up the vastness of the MCU’s universe in a big way.  This fact is bound to play a massive roles in the MCU films of the future. THOR: RAGNAROK is already showcasing new worlds in the trailer, so it goes to reason that having as many worlds as possible will open up a whole bevy of new stories for Marvel and Disney to play around with. 


One of the more oddball sequences of GOTG:VOL2 involved Yondu, Rocket, and Groot making a beeline to Ego’s planet to come to the aid of the other Guardians. Rocket’s “shortcut” leads them through a multitude of different worlds, some of which undoubtedly held some Easter Eggs for the eagle-eyed comic book fan. 

While the sequence was little more than a visual gag for the casual fan, it also made it very clear that there are a whole boatload of worlds that the films haven’t touched yet. Considering the vast planets and worlds that the source material have visited over the years, that means there are tons of locales for future films. 

2. THE O.G.s

Original Guardians, that is. While the casting of Sylvester Stallone was hardly under wraps, his character also opens up a ton of possibilities, as he is one of the original comic book Guardians of the Galaxy, Starhawk. 

One of the post-credit scenes shows a meeting between a number of the original Guardians, including Mainframe, Charlie-27, Krugarr, Martinex, and Aleta. Could they have their own film?  It seems unlikely – anytime soon at least – but who wouldn’t love the possibility of these guys hamming it up as noble space pirates?

Their inclusion in this film shows us that there are still a bunch of interesting cosmic characters we have yet to meet. 


Stan Lee gets his cameos, and none have been as big for comic geeks as the MCU’s first glimpse of the Watchers, the voyeuristic alien race that doesn’t get involved. While none were singled out as the most famous of Watchers, Uatu, it still offered the possibility of meeting up with them very, very soon. 

How does this open up the universe?  Well, there were a few of them, which leads you to believe that there are a bunch of new places to watch. 


Ayesha of the Sovereign was a secondary villain in this story, but one that seems driven to punish the slight upon her and her people by Rocket Raccoon. While her efforts fail spectacularly in the meat of the film, her post-credits scene shows us there is much more to expect from her, namely the coming of Adam Warlock. 

Could Adam Warlock play a role in Infinity War?  One could hope, but I have a hard time imagining them dropping the character also known as Him any earlier than the third Guardians of the Galaxy film. 

On top of that, I loved the inclusion of the gold-skinned, arrogant Sovereign and their arcade-style fleet as a group to loathe in the films to come. 

Did you catch any Easter Eggs not mentioned in this article?  Let us know in the comments below!

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